Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hershey Makes A Love Connection

Hershey is great, we've learned he is quite a chicken!! He has this big, deep, intimidating bark, but will barely go outside!

He is definately a home-body. Though he enjoys walks, he definately picks up the pace when he knows we're homebound.

Miranda's game with Hershey is to throw one tennis ball, he will go and fetch it, then she will hold up a second. Immediately, he'll drop the first and be interested in her ball. He gets LOTS of snuggling and belly-rubs each evening from Duncan. We've renamed Magnolia "Sheriff Magnolia" bc she continues to "cuss" him out if she thinks he's out of line.

Rob laughs at Hershey regularly, because he goes away for just a bit (even upstairs) and returns, Hershey will act like he's not seen him in months! It is very sweet.

The ice dispenser brings 85 pounds bolting to the kitchen, and we've used it on occasion to get him downstairs at night (he's up with the kids).

He is a wonderful dog, and we all love him more every day. It is really cool how the dynamic continues to change (and get better, as he gets acclimated). For a while, we thought he was growling at Duncan at night. We've learned he has a kind of "purr" sometimes, and means nothing ugly about it.

Anyway, thanks again for being such a great person to change lives of dogs and people! We just love our Hershey....the kids will tell the neighbor kids they can play after they scoop "Hershey bars." That gets a laugh in the cul de sac!

In gratitude,
The Lehmans

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