Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Fosters Journal

Late into the evening of November 24th, 2009 and on the heals of Thanksgiving, Atlanta Lab Rescue received notice of a dog that had just arrived at Fulton County Animal Control. Judging by her emaciated appearance she had been on the streets for some time.

Though bags were packed and plans were made to head out of town for the holiday, everything came to a halt as Frank and Becky worked to find  Vet and Foster placement for Crystal/Chloe. As fate would have it, a brand new volunteer named Jayme had just signed up with ALR.  Jayme took Crystal/Chloe into her home and inevitably, as often is the case, into her heart. Here are Jayme's journal entries made during her initial days of fostering…

Saturday, December 5
"Becky calls to confirm that Jen is on her way to inspect my house. Thank goodness I passed. Jen gives me Mary Beth’s number. I phone Mary Beth and we decide to meet at Red Lobster off Holcomb Bridge . Mom, my second time at a Red Lobster!

Woody and I head off to meet Princess Chloe/Daisy/Gracie. She’s absolutely gorgeous, very sweet and I get loads of kisses straight away. She enters the Woodmobile and he’s very excited to see her. Starts the process of getting to know her if you know what I mean. She’s very quiet, but paying heaps of attention to everything going on around her. Mary Beth said that she likes her crate; however I’m not a crate mum, so I have it for her should she want it, but it may retire to the garage until we need it in the future. She is going into every room of the house checking it out. Seems to be very curious. Then we go outside, try out the doggie door, but not certain that she’s too keen on it just yet. Mary Beth said she doesn’t like to go outside by herself. Therefore, I go with her each time.

Of course I feed her because she truly looks like she needs FOOD! She gobbles it down in less than a minute. I knew Clay would be happy about this because he states that my dogs are weird, they’re picky eaters and just eat a little at a time, never in a hurry. Probably not going to work now with Chloe and Woody. Jen and Mary Beth warn me that she has food aggressions, never quiet understood what that meant until I saw it in action. Dear Diary….must feed them separately. They definitely got in a scrap, but fortunately no wounds or harm done except to my heart.

Later when I’m ready to feed Woody, Chloe gets another meal. This time with her tablet. Again in less than a minute she’s finished! Becky, should I still be giving her these tablets? Mary Beth said she had been taking them for a week already.

Then it’s time for bed, so we all go upstairs and I bring Chloe’s bed and blanket up with me. She’s going to sleep just beside me on her doggie bed with covers. She eventually stretches out and becomes very cozy.

A couple times during the night (2:30 a.m. and 3:40 a.m.) she has an accident, so we go outside afterwards. I’m so not use to female pups they can do their business and you don’t even know it until it’s too late. Looks like they’re sitting at perfect attention.

Sunday, December 6

We awake to little sounds of the pups, go downstairs for coffee and treats. Chloe and Wood sit very nicely for some knawsomes and puporonis. Then it’s breakfast time…..and once again she inhales her food in record time. We practice with the doggie door, going outside and in…….we’ve got a big day planned. First we’re off to the dog park. Woody is over the moon as soon as we turn in to the park. Chloe is not really sure where we’re going. As we’re walking through the woods she’s so close to me I’m afraid I’m going to step on her tiny paws. Once we get to the gate to go in she’s still very close. Everyone came up to introduce themselves dogs and humans alike. She was a star but very shy, a couple of times she did wander off about 5 feet but only a couple of times. We were at the park for about two hours….then headed over to see Santa at the Forum…..the line was very long to have pictures made….so we’re probably going to go back during the week. Every chance she got to ride in the car she and Woody were in it. We rode with the windows down so they could have their faces blow in the wind…..then I noticed she was sound asleep in the back so it was time to go home. I’ve enjoyed our time together on the sofa with her in my lap….but she seems to be very keen on one of my chairs with the Grinch in the background.

Clay gave me some websites on how to look after malnourished puppies. So we’re making sure she has eggs, cheese and meat in each meal. I’m going to keep a journal of her food intake and in hopes that she’s be doing much better by Christmas. Forgot to take a picture of her stocking, but will keep them coming.

Monday, December 7

5:00 a.m. Rise and shine, it’s time for a walk. Get both pups ready for a walk and both seem very excited. Chloe seems to be a bit confused about the leash, but by the time we’ve gone one mile she’s almost a pro. She and Woody ran side by side and smelled all the smells, marked territory together and by the time we got back they crashed on the floor. Had to get ready for work and fed them before I left and left treats and bones for them. Hopefully they’re having a wonderful day, and I can’t wait to get home and check on them."

Chloes Happy Ending
Jayme decided to adopt Chloe and gave her a forever home for Christmas.

Though Chloes story has a happy ending not all do. Atlanta Lab Rescue receives emails everyday for dogs
that have suffered much like Chloe. On average we receive over 20 requests a week asking for our help. Some are from owners facing difficult times and others from over crowded shelters across Georgia and bordering states. Sadly we can't help them all, though we truly want to. Often we are limited by availability of foster homes. If you would like information about becoming a foster or other volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@atlantalabrescue.com


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