Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Second Leash on Life

Unlike cats, dogs don’t typically have more than one life. Luck and the right circumstances, however, can make the difference between losing an animal and finding him a foster home on the way to his forever family. Fate may be fickle, but for Derby fate found him the right people at the right time.

Derby’s story began, when he was found, late one night, lying unconscious in a ditch, perhaps hit by a car, dehydrated and barely breathing. He was taken immediately to the Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Dunwoody, GA. While at GVS, Derby was given tests and medications until his condition stabilized.

After his night at the hospital recovering, Derby was subsequently pronounced to be in good health overall - despite the welts and fire ant bites he sustained while lying on or near a mound, unable to move. Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing tags nor was he micro chipped and no one came to claim him so animal control was contacted. He left for Fulton County Animal Control with his favorite stuffed animal in his mouth. But he wasn’t in ‘doggy jail’ for long. After the ‘stray hold’ expired, Atlanta Lab Rescue sprung the big, good natured, yellow lab and found him a foster home. That, however, was a short-lived stay. While the foster family walked Derby one hot August day, he simply collapsed at their feet.

Rushing him to the Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs, with a temperature of 107°, Dr. Dempsey gave Derby oxygen in an attempt to revive him. Unresponsive for more than 4 hours and found to have laryngeal paralysis the vet’s recommendation, to Atlanta Lab Rescue volunteer Karen O’Brien, was given his age of 10 years old, to “let him go.”

As the vet left to make the preparations Karen went to check on Derby to “hold his paw.” What a surprise when the vet returned to find Derby awake wagging his tail and acting as lively as though nothing happened. Clearly, time wasn’t up for Derby. Remaining at the vet overnight, for observation, the phone call from the vet first thing in the morning was to come and pick-up Derby as he was barking loudly and raising a ruckus at the clinic.

Now, Derby is in a loving foster home waiting for his forever family to give him his second leash in life.

Maybe this is the dog for you and your family to love. If you think Derby could be a fit for your family, check out: Derby on ALR's webiste

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