Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Real Labs of Atlanta

"Two thousand ten (2010) is oh so near –
And you’ll want to remember dates that are dear.

A calendar! A calendar is what you’ll need
And the money will go for dogs to feed;

You’ll help the labs and placate the vets
Find forever homes with no regrets.
Photo’d labs throughout the town
Will make you smile – not bring you down.

Adopt a lab that fancies your heart. You’ll have a photo – and that’s a grand start. A gift for you or family or a friend. For $15 what a treasure to send!

Quantities are limited so don’t wait in vane. You can pick up your order on Woodmont Lane

If you’d rather wait for adoption day
On December 13th, we’ll bring them your way.
Postage and handling is a wee bit more
When you order on-line, ‘cause they’re not in a store!"
* * *
A fun gift for any age, featuring fantastic photos of ALR dogs taken at various landmarks around Atlanta. The calendar also includes a biography of each rescued dog.  It makes a great gift for loved ones, coworkers, and friends to display at home and at work.

Order Online Now
Free Gift Wrapping Available by Request for Online Orders.

Calendars will also be available for pick up at the ALR office and various locations around Atlanta. Please call ahead for pick-up. To find a location nearest  you -->Click Here

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