Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank You Camp Woof

Service organizations can’t and don’t operate in a vacuum. Most, if not all, incorporate the generosity and contributions from many community members. Atlanta Lab Rescue is no exception. Through the on-going support of “Camp Woof” in Norcross, we are able to rescue wonderful dogs from a less than pleasant ending.

While Atlanta Lab Rescue continues its on-going search for foster and forever families, Camp Woof is the weigh-station for many of the dogs. Hans VollmerGeneral Manager says the dogs become part of the family and are able to develop some of the social skills that may have been lacking in their previous situations.
Even though they love having the dogs, says Hans, he’s always happy to see them get adopted into good homes.

"It’s nice to see a rescue dog come in and we are able to provide care for them, but when they leave us, they become different dogs and we feel liked we’ve
played a part in helping them get adopted.”

Opened for business for only 6 months, in Norcross, Camp Woof provides twelve spots for daycare and boarding of rescue animals. With 20,000 sq. ft. of air conditioned space and 15,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space, the animals have plenty of room to play and romp about freely. There’s even an outdoor “kiddy” pool in which both large and small dogs can be found splashing around.

Cots are available for nap time and rest periods. The dogs are safe and well cared for. Vollmer says that it’s important for Camp Woof to give back to the community of which they are a part. We, at Atlanta Lab Rescue, are grateful for their support.

As part of our special relationship with Camp Woof, Atlanta Lab Rescue adoptive families get discounts from Camp Woof as well as a first night of boarding free. Becky Cross, co-founder of Atlanta Lab Rescue expressed her gratitude to Camp Woof and its staff,

“We are so lucky to get free boarding at Camp Woof. It’s the nicest facility that I’ve ever been to. I have never boarded my dogs but would have no problem with sending them there. It’s immaculate and the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The dogs seem to really like it there and they get plenty of play time.
There is also a retail section that is a doggy dreamland. They have EVERYTHING. It’s worth the trip out to Norcross to check it out and they give discounts to ALR adopters and volunteers.”

If you’d like to foster or are considering adopting a great dog for your family, check out Atlanta Lab Rescue:
So thank you Hans Vollmer and Camp Woof for all you do and share! For more information about Camp Woof in Norcross or Camp Woof in Decatur, follow the link,

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