Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Connections & Success Stories

Life's A Beach!

Hi guys - just wanted to give you a quick update on "Courtney" - now Carly (we adopted her in late May). She is the BEST!!!! Not only is she beautiful, but she has fit in perfectly. She's still a little wary of one cat, but loves her new sister the black lab, and the orange cat. She is everything you billed her to be. She is well mannered, house broken, sits, shakes and grins at you when you come home (she curls her teeth back from her lips in a smile-hilarious). She sleeps most nights on one of my sons' beds. We took her and her sister to the beach in July - man that dog can hunt down a seagull! And she swims, fetches, she's perfect. I've told many friends about your organization and what a great experience we've had.Thanks so much for bringing Carly in our lives! Holly

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