Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Labby

Dear Labby,

I was thinking about sending my newly adopted Lab to Doggie Daycare. What are your thoughts about them?
Dawn in Dunwoody

Dear Dawn,

Doggie Daycare is the BOMB and there are many benefits for both you and your dog if the situation fits your Labs’ personality.

One reason to take your pup to daycare is for socialization. Take your pooch for a trial run to see how he interacts with the different personalities. Sometimes large dogs become aggressive towards smaller dogs, so it’s important to make sure the daycare keeps the small and large dogs separated. If your Lab does not have an easy-going, submissive personality, daycare may not be the right environment for him or her. Hiring a Petsitter to excerise your dog could be an alternative this case.

Daycare is the perfect place for Labs to let out their energy and play. It’s like a gym membership for dogs! If your dog spends more time on the couch then he does on a leash, then daycare may be the answer.

Another great reason to go to daycare is for those days when you know you will be gone from home for a long period of time. Your Lab will get plenty of attention and someone will make sure he gets outside and “does his business”. If you are still potty training, daycare is also a good solution to keep him on your schedule.

Before you pick a daycare, make sure these items are on your “MUST HAVE” list:

  • Trained and certified owners and staff
  • Staff is trained in first aid for pets
  • The play area is supervised at all times, with lots of room for playing indoors and out
  • Willing to give you a tour of the entire facility. Nothing should be off limits.
  • Clean! This is hard thing to accomplish with so many four-legged pups in-house, but it is a must. If they can keep it clean, then that is the place for you!

There is a lot of information available online if you have more questions. Here are two links to start you out:

1.   Dog Day Care -- Good-or-Bad
2.   Choosing A Good Dog Day Care  

I hope you find this info helpful and can see the benefits! If you are looking for a great social spot and an outlet for all of that Lab energy, check out a Doggie Daycare near you. 

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